The inner west beer fest


I've purchased a ticket, but haven't got an actual ticket sent to me?
No tickets will be sent out for Oktoberwest. On arrival check in at the box office where you can pick up your wristband and pre-purchased beer tokens. Photo ID must be presented. If you have purchased multiple tickets and your mates are coming later, you can leave their wristbands waiting for them.

I can’t come anymore and have sold my tickets to someone else…
If you can no longer attend the event and you've sold your tickets, please contact us with the name of the person collecting the tickets. Send your confirmation email to the person you have sold them to and get them to have it on arrival in case of any issues.

Can I come if I'm underage?
Unfortunately not. This is a strictly OVER 18's event. PHOTO ID MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE EVENT OR YOU MAY BE DENIED ENTRY.

What's the difference between Saturday & Sunday?
Saturday will be jam-packed with a killer line-up of bands that will keep you chugging late into the night, while Sunday will feature our 'beer hall' and will be a day session full of games, activities, entertainment and everything you need to keep the nectar flowing! You can also grab a 2 day pass to access both days and save yourself $10! Keep an eye on our socials for line-up announcements.

And what are the times for Saturday and Sunday?
Saturday - Doors open at 3pm with everything wrapping up a 11pm / Sunday - Doors open at Midday for the with the Factory closing at 8pm. 

How do I purchase beer at Oktoberwest?
You will need to purchase beer tokens which you can then swap at the bars for a midi of the nectar of the gods. 1 token=1 beer.

How do I buy beer tokens?
Beer tokens can either be pre-purchased online for $6 a token or for $6.50 from the Factory Theatre bars on the day. We strongly advise pre-purchasing online to avoid queues on the day & to SAVE MONEY!!

So do I just buy beer tokens and that will get me into the event?
No. You also need to buy an event ticket.

What if I don't like beer, but want to come for the entertainment?
Never fear! The Factory Theatre bars will be open and selling a range of wine, spirits, soft-drinks and water. As well as a selection tins and cans from the inner-west brewers.

Do I HAVE to pay for water?
No you do not. There will be bottled water to purchase at the bars or water refill stations in the courtyard and bars.

All this thinking about drinking is making me hungry...
Don't you worry, there will be a selection of awesome food trucks and stalls selling food on the day that will cater for all tastes and preferences.

What happens if I'm ready to leave, but still have beer tokens?
You have a couple of options...shout all your mates one last beer and be an ultimate legend or hand them back in at the box office for a full cash refund.

How do I get to Oktoberwest?
Don't drive! Seriously, there is very limited parking around The Factory Theatre, so you are best planning ahead and using public transport or sharing a taxi/Uber with mates. Click here for more info. 


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